UVI needs for creating, staffing, and managing community policing centres

The final exam consists of a 4-5 page, double-spaced, APA formatted paper that addresses the University of the Virgin Islands’ needs for creating, staffing, and managing community policing centers within each major and minor UVI community. The length of the paper does not include the Cover Page, the Abstract Page, or the Reference Page. Your paper must include a minimum of three outside, scholarly references (Wikipedia may not be used as a source). All references must relate to an APA formatted in-text citation in your paper. Proper in-text citations must be used for all paraphrased information and direct quotes. Please remember that all quotes of 40 words or more must be placed in block form (Check APA Manual 6th Edition). The paper must address the following:

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The need for the inclusion of an on-site law enforcement office and officer that is fully equipped to proper service immediate needs of community members such as lost children or apprehended offenders (temporary control until responding officers or parents arrive to take control).
How the office should be equipped and staffed.
What conveniences should be included for law enforcement and other staff as well as for parents and their children?
What should be included in the Community Center? For example ballparks, volleyball centers, soccer parks, swing sets, outdoor physical challenges such as exercise stations, climbing walls, rope challenges, jogging paths, etc.
Refreshment opportunities?
Communication stations that provide direct contact to law enforcement on the site or 911 call to dispatch in case of an officer down situations.
Patrol and public interaction strategies to deter crime and build relationships with parents and children.
Conclusion: The paper must provide a conclusion that provides a summary of your paper and the reason these community centers are needed across USVI.

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