SWOT Analysis for Cleveland Clinic Weston, Florida

Create a powerpoint presentation for Cleveland Clinic Weston, Florida.

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by using following example:






SWOT Analysis

Broward College Simulation Center

by Djouleta Khamjoueva


This writer conducted a SWOT analysis on Broward College Health Sciences Simulation Center (Sim Lab). With the help of healthcare simulation labs, such as the Sim Lab, healthcare educational facilities are now able to implement measures to improve their students’ educational experience. The tools that are provided at the Sim Lab are very beneficial to both the healthcare facility members and the future healthcare providers, as the experience gained through simulated scenarios will result in improved patient outcomes. The Sim Lab has implemented measures to improve the experience of future healthcare workers by giving them opportunities to gain hands-on experience.

The SWOT Analysis of the Sim Lab identifies key aspects of its strategic plan and offers suggestions and recommendations for process improvement.

Abstract (cont.)

The mission of the Sim Lab is to deliver a high-quality experiential learning experiences across medical specialties, with the goal of preparing students to build confidence and competence as healthcare professionals.

The Sim Lab provides students with a controlled environment in which they are able to develop their professional skills with simulated cases, with the goal of reduction in medical errors.

The Sim Lab utilizes an advanced audiovisual system with multiple camera angles and views to capture the student’s interventions with the simulated patient. (https://www.broward.edu/academics/simulation/Documents/SimCenterBrochureFinalWEB.pdf)






The purpose of the SWOT analysis is to provide an assessment that would influence formulation of a strategic plan (Huber, 2018).


Utilization of “standardized patients” in psychiatric scenarios.

Availability of highly specialized equipment, such as pediatric and mother/baby manikins.

The Sim Lab provides AirEvac training for flight nursing specialty.

Television studios (ex. Telemundo) are paying the Sim Lab to film hospital scenes at the lab.

Care providers such as VITAS and some hospitals are paying the Sim Lab to train their staff.

The Sim Lab receives donations of expensive equipment such as manikins, from private foundations.

Some of the tech employees have a Masters Degree in Simulations.

The Sim Lab gives an opportunity to practice the scenarios learned in class.

How HAL from “2001: A Space Odyssey” got his name…and no, it’s not IBM minus one



Consistently overspent budget.

Low budget to begin with.

The lab uses real oxygen, which is expensive.

Miscommunication among staff members.

Manikins are easy to damage.

Restrictions on use of some manikins.

Insufficient equipment and supplies.

Deficiencies in the inventory tracking system.

Some sim techs lack nursing or medical background.                                                      (personal communication, May 28, 2019, Joseph Suarez)


Paying client development through referrals to medical facilities. Recent developments include signing up Aventura Hospital and Kendall Hospital for their psychiatric residences.

Aventura Hospital and Kendall Hospital are considering entering into a contract with the Sim Lab for their radiology residences.

An overall increase in private donations.

Recent donation of two manikins by the DeLuca Foundation.

An EMS vehicle donation by the Memorial Healthcare System.                                               (personal communication, May 28, 2019, Joseph Suarez)


Competition from other simulation labs, such as the ones at NOVA, ROSS, Miami-Dade, FIU, UM, Barry University.

FIU has a cadaver table with touch screen, the Sim Lab does not.

UM has an entire simulation hospital, which makes it more attractive to many outside clients.

Wellington Hospital has an air ambulance flight simulator.

The Sim Lab operates only on weekdays.

The Sim Lab could lose the Kendall HCA residence due to the traffic and geographic factors.      https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/74995541/

https://medicine.fiu.edu/about/facilities/albert-and-debbie-tano-medical-simulation-center/index.htm https://simhospital.sonhs.miami.edu/


To use medical air instead of oxygen. Medical air is free of charge. If a contractor, such as HCA, wished to use oxygen, the Sim Lab should be charging them for it.

Purchase a 3D printer, so that the Sim Lab can print its own replacement supplies, and charge the contractors for them.

Contact the hospitals and try to get them to donate their expired, unused supplies and/or outdated equipment. This will help the Sim Lab to control the costs.

In order to keep track of supply and parts inventory, a dedicated inventory control employee should be hired, and an inventory tracking system should be implemented.


According to Joseph Suarez (2019), a Simulation Tech Specialist at the Sim Lab, “we work hard discussion, planning and designing content for healthcare simulation operational effectiveness. Simulation takes a lot of resources, time and financial backing. If we are not organized, we risk inefficient work”. This writer agrees with Mr. Suarez, since the Sim Lab operates in a highly competitive environment. In order to recruit users effectively, the lab must be organizationally efficient.




Huber, D. (2018). Leadership and Nursing Care Management (6th ed.). Missouri: Saunders Elsevier.


How HAL from “2001: A Space Odyssey” got his name…and no, it’s not IBM minus one

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