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need a 500 to 600 word essay due 3/12/2019 Source Integration AssignmentLearning Outcomes: Read and think critically about a variety of genres and texts. Develop and organize ideas to support a thesis. Integrate source material in an academic essay, making appropriate use of summary, paraphrase, and quotation and citing sources according to MLA documentation format.  Revise to improve content and structure and edit to correct errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and usage.Write a 500 word blog post on the problem of human trafficking in the United States, and integrate two sources into your paragraphs as support for your assertions.Before you start the integration process, review the module materials on integration of source materials.Source material must be from a credible, academic source and must be cited in MLA or APA format. This is a blog post, so the informal use of first-person observations is allowed in informal language; Standard English is required.Assignment checklist: A blog post format with a specific audience and purpose, either people at risk of trafficking, or parents, or trafficking victims would be examples. Module material on integration of sources has been reviewed and studied carefully. Source material is integrated and cited correctly in MLA or APA format, both in text and in a references page. Include all components of the reference citation, including the working http address. Source material qualifies as credible. The FBI, Interpol, Reuters, AP, Radio Free Europe are examples of credible source material. Paraphrased material and quoted material are cited correctly. The assignment is at least 500 words. The assignment is drafted and edited carefully for clarity and Standard English. First person observations are separated from source material quotations and paraphrasing. Assignment is submitted by the deadline; late assignments must be accompanied by documentation.Delgado’s Department of English adheres to a holistic grading approach, which means the parts of an essay to be interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. According to this approach, the criteria used to evaluate student writing are defined as follows:ABCDFPurposeThe writer masters the genre and asserts a complex thesis (implicit or explicit) that distinctively responds to the assignment. Paragraphs maintain internal focus, and ideas seamlessly connect across paragraphs, solidifying the essay’s overall purpose.The writer understands the genre and asserts a specific thesis (implicit or explicit) that responds to the prompt. Paragraphs establish internal focus; ideas are clearly though not seamlessly connected across paragraphs to maintain the essay’s overall purpose.The writer understands the genre and asserts a general thesis (implicit or explicit) that responds to the assignment. Simplistic yet clear topic sentences are used to establish internal paragraph focus in connection with the essay’s thesis. The writer may assert and maintain a main point or thesis but does not comprehend the genre. Or, a thesis may be present but body paragraphs may stray from the essay’s main focus. May lack topic sentences.An essay may earn a failing grade for any of the following reasons:·         The essay does not meet the minimum requirements for the assignment.·         The essay contains plagiarism.·         The essay is incoherent due to multiple and pervasive patterns of error, which include but are not limited to subject-verb agreement and other verb form errors, sentence fragments, run-ons, problems with possessives and plurals, or persistent errors in spelling, punctuation, or mechanics that interfere with the essay’s clarity.Development & SupportThe writer uses specific, relevant, even surprising, details, to develop his or her original observations and critical thought in accordance with the essay’s purpose and the demands of the genre.The writer mostly uses specific, relevant details and explanation to develop his or her thesis in accordance with the essay’s purpose and the demands of the genre.The writer uses relevant though general or simplistic examples and explanation to develop the essay’s main idea in accordance with the purpose and demands of the genre.Paragraphs lack relevant examples, depend on clichés, or do not offer sufficient explanation of what little support is presented. The essay may not have a conclusion.Structure & CoherenceThe writer pays a high degree of attention to the logical progression of ideas, creating through aptly chosen transitional devices a subtle yet clear chain of reasoning that drives toward the essay’s conclusion.The writer presents a progressive chain of reasoning through a deliberate arrangement of ideas and transitional devices that are varied and appropriate to the connections being made. The essay is wholly unified.The writer arranges ideas in a basic sequence often marked by abrupt or mechanical transitional devices (e.g. = first, second, third) that may not connect ideas across paragraphs, though paragraphs themselves are wholly unified.The organization of ideas may be random, lack internal paragraph logic inappropriate or no transitional devices. Some ideas may not be clearly connected to the essay’s thesis.StyleThe writer uses sentence variety for emphasis, contrast, and rhythm. Word choice is precise and reflects the writer’s keen awareness of a college-level audience.The writer uses sentence variety for emphasis and contrast, though a sentence or two may be awkwardly structured. Word choice is specific and appropriate for a college-level audience.The writer uses sentence variety, though such variety may occasionally be awkward and lack clear intention. Word choice is general yet acceptable for a college-level audience.Sentence patterns are repetitive or awkward. Word choice is simplistic, vague, and at times imprecise. While ideas may be somewhat clear, the language is not suitable for a college-level audience.Grammar & MechanicsThe writer successfully edited the essay. It contains no major errors and is almost entirely free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.The writer edited the essay though it may still contain a few minor errors in spelling, punctuation, or grammar. These errors do not disrupt the readers’ understanding.The writer edited the essay though it may still contain some spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors that temporarily confuse readers.The writer needs to edit for errors in punctuation, spelling, and grammar that frequently distract readers.All formal ENGL 101 papers should be formatted according to MLA guidelines. The Works Cited, source integration, and citation assessment applies only to papers that use outside sources.ABCDFMLA Document DesignThe essay meets all requirements for MLA document design.The writer attempts to meet the requirements for MLA document design, but minor errors are present.The writer makes no attempt to meet MLA document design requirements.MLA Works CitedThe Works Cited is correctly formatted according to MLA guidelines and consistently error free.The Works Cited is formatted according to conventions of MLA guidelines, though minor errors may be present.The Works Cited has some formatting errors, though it demonstrates the writer’s basic understanding of MLA Works Cited.The Works Cited page contains consistent formatting errors or incomplete citations. There is no Works Cited page, or the writer has made no attempt to follow MLA guidelines.MLA Parenthetical Citations(when applicable)All sources are cited.Parenthetical citation format is consistently error free.All sources are cited, though the essay contains occasional minor errors in citation format.The essay contains some errors in punctuation or citation format, or some citations are missing.The essay contains consistently incorrect or missing citations.There are no parenthetical citations, or citations do not correspond to the Works Cited.MLA Source IntegrationSources are thoroughly introduced to establish credibility and clearly distinguish the writer’s ideas from the sources’. The writer varies summary, paraphrase, and quotation based on rhetorical need and uses varied and original signal phrases as needed.Signal phrases are varied. The writer’s and the sources’ ideas are distinguishable from one another.  The writer uses both summary and quotations based on rhetorical need.Signal phrases are used to introduce sources but are repetitive or awkward. Quotations may be mechanical, but direct language is cited, though there may be some grammatical awkwardness. The writer may overly rely on quotations.Sources are not clearly introduced, and it is difficult to distinguish the writer’s ideas from the sources’. Excessive dropped quotes are present.The writer has plagiarized the sources, or has not used the correct sources, or has used no source.PreviousNext

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