Sample Essay on Top Priorities for the Government to Focus On

Top Priorities for the Government to Focus On

Issues that call for the government’s attention within states arise almost on daily basis. In the United States, the case is the same and the government is faced with various issues that can cause a great loss to the government, domestic economy and national security if not urgently addressed. Prioritizing the issues offers the government a great chance of making the US a better place for its citizens because with its limited resources, it can quite difficult to handle all the issues at the same time.

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Energy policy, environmental issues and immigration reforms are important issues that need to be prioritized by the state. Environmental issues for instance have generated a lot of concern for the global community in the recent past. Nationals have created alliances and treaties to help address environmental challenges, an issue that has been significantly increasing since the 21st century.

Climate change on the other hand is a humanitarian case and a major ecological challenge. Global warming occurring from carbon emissions has also threatened the human life a great. The prevalence of chronic diseases including skin related infections and cancer has since the 21st century been increasing as a result of global warming. Therefore, unless the state deals with environmental agreements, trying to resolve educational, economic and even health issues will not offer any result.

This is based on the fact that issues affecting these industries depend on natural environment health. Additionally, global warming and other environmental factors pose a significant threat to growth of economy and national security in the United States and they include depletion of world oceans, ecological collapse, pollution and clean energy. All these issues have to be addressed to ensure that the nation moves forward socially, economically and ecologically.

The second issue that the government should address is the energy policy. Issues within the Middle East have brought about many energy challenges not only for the US but also for nations that rely on the Middle East for their oil supplies. New technological advancements as well as economic growth across the globe have led to increase of energy supply. As a result, the government has a role to meet the demands at all costs.

America for a long period now has not had an ideal energy policy, something that has affected its states for instance California negatively in the recent past. Over a long period of time, US citizens have faced energy deficiencies recurrently, high energy charges and energy cost instability.

These are very clear indications that the country among others faces possible critical energy issues if proper measures are put in place on time. Energy is the backbone of daily life from domestic purposes to economical roles. Different industries also depend on energy for different reasons without which, the US economic stability suffers a great deal.

It is also true that dealing with energy issues is not something that the state can afford to ignore or overlook any further and it is also not something that can be solved easily. Essential efforts also need to be invested in this case to overcome economic interdependency in the US. Diplomats, investors and entrepreneurs believe that energy issues in the US are as a result of global hydrocarbon base but this is not actually the case. Energy issues have everything to do with financial problems.

Therefore, the government must solve infrastructural issues relating to supply of energy. Effective diplomacy, alliances, free trade and innovative multinational are some of the issues that the states have to focus on to help reduce energy threats. Americans also continue to seek cheap energy as well as green environment at the same time. Therefore, the states must embark on policies that honor environmental policies and offer sufficient energy supplies to its people.

Until such limitations are resolved, the government must still be geared towards handling unforeseen supply interference.

Thirdly, the leadership has to address immigration changes. Over a long time now, immigration issues have generated heated debates amongst different groups in the US. America has been the global leading innovator and to maintain the position, the country has to embrace a reform that allows highly skilled and talented individuals from different parts of the globe to build their lives and talents.

From across the borders, many individuals consider the US as a place that can develop one’s career, enhance personal economic status and as a result, immigrants can address the increasing demand for skilled labor in the country. There are also many high skilled individuals out there whom when given an opportunity to work as US immigrants, would not only enhance growth of domestic economy but also global economy.

Giving better chances to immigrants to work in the US will also help to increase high tech start-ups, a major job creator in the country. Embracing immigration reforms will also reduce the effect of outsourcing experienced in the country, with much low skilled labor being generated from overseas.

The government therefore and the people of the US also need to embrace reforms as it will help in solving other issues including education and health care enhancements and to create an ideal domestic economy with the increase in employment opportunities for the US as well as from high tech organizations.

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