Polarity and Global Warming Sample Essay

Polarity and Global Warming

The Significance of Polarity on World System

Since time immemorial, power struggle is an aspect that has persisted. Nations were already used to fighting each other in the pursuit of dominance as well as becoming super powers. Before the cold war, it was believed the world system was bipolar till collapse of the Berlin war and USSR. Ever since, the system has already changed to unipolar with the USA considered as the superpower. Polarity is defined as the manner in which the world divides among the nations including Unipolar, bipolar, Tripolar or Multipolar (Wertheim 2010). The type of scheme is dependent entirely on allotment of authority and supremacy globally and nationally. Each of the polarity styles mentioned has its own set of limitations and advantages. For example, since USA took as a super power, issues of insecurity have decreased unlike in the past. Unipolarity is largely associated with high levels of security and peace within individual nations and across borders, which is of great importance for economic development. Additionally, a unipolar system also helps in creation and development of free markets across the borders, which is quite ideal for moving towards globalization.

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Scholars make arguments on the impact of uni-polar that the world has gone through since after cold war. There are varied reactions arising from the topic with nations like France and EU continually competing with the USA for power. The benefits that the world has gained from the arrangement is one that cannot be disputed like reduced terrorism and better international affairs control. The effects countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan pose to international security are minimal today with the assistance of soldiers who are well trained from the superpowers. One advantage of a nation that is a superpower is the fact they possess military that is highly trained for restoration of peace as well as ensuring the international community enjoys security. However, since the 19th century, the world system has turned to be more multipolar with nations that share power among actors who are qualified. Nations have also come together in order to establish alliances that enhance better international community control. The world has also become quite diverse for any single state to manage the rest in terms of resources and power. Multiplier system is also ideal in elimination of unfair judgment and biases for personal gain, which is a possibility in a system that is unipolar (Parent and Bafumi 2012). Whichever the case states or the international communities operate under, clarity on how power needs to be controlled and shared in the world is important for development and growth of individual nations as well as the planet as a whole.

Climate Change and Global Agenda

Climate change, especially carbon emission has led to numerous challenges in the current world. The issue needs to be address at all costs. As a matter of fact, 50 billion dollars is nothing when compared to threats that carbon emission poses to the world. Global warming which is caused by carbon emissions affects both floral, faunal development, human health, environmental and economic aspects of day to day life (Freedman and Jaggi 2011). I completely agree propositions of Kyoto protocol that nations are supposed to reduce their emission of carbon and make sure they have enough carbon sinks in order to take care of their own carbon emissions. I am not ignorant of the effects such has on industrialization though I am aware short-lived success is not an ideal solution to the numerous challenges the world is facing. Global economy as well has experienced a booming period because industrialization has gained deep roots in the globe, but this could not be the case if preventive measures fail to be put into place. Controlled population, improved healthcare, education as well as raised ideologies in the discussion are important and necessary though not urgent. An educated economy can also make changes the world is interested in but not when dead.

Today, human life is affected by new kinds of infections and diseases. Most of these for example, cancer, which is quite a common problem in the world is the result of global warming. Illness slows down economic growth, leads to unnecessary revenue expenditure that can otherwise be used for purposes of national development among other things. As such, aspects such as setting up learning institutions and hospitals and economic development might not appear to be a priority so far as I am concerned. The most significant matter the globe needs to focus entirely on is global warming (Kumazawa 2012). A lot needs to be done to address the issue if only the nations agree to cooperate. The success majority of nations enjoy today, especially industrialized nations is short-lived; eventually, they will find themselves in a state where they can no longer recover. Taking the appropriate actions early not only helps prevent the continued deterioration of the environment but it also helps in creating a better tomorrow for our economic state. It therefore will be easier for nations and the world at large if the population is controlled, there is better health care provision and education to people whenever issues that are related to global warming are addressed.



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