paper on management and organisational structure of pepsi cola and coca cola

Need an research paper on management and organisational structure of pepsi cola and coca cola. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism. In order to find new markets and resources, companies expand their business operations in the potential markets of the third world countries. However, for sustaining in the new markets, they are often compelled to formulate a new set of strategies that is completely different from that of their home countries. In the course of their operations in a foreign market, multinational companies face various impediments in the form of an alien culture, varied buyers’ taste & preferences, different political, legal and economic conditions. To sail through these menaces, foreign companies often undergo mergers with their national counterparts as the latter is more equipped in dealing with local issues.

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This paper will attempt to analyze the behavior patterns of multinational companies in the light of different strategies implemented by them in different countries. For this purpose, Pepsi and Coca-Cola have been selected as they are respected names in the world of MNCs. A brief introduction will be given at the beginning of the project which will attempt to analyze its objectives and organizational structures. It will be followed by a discussion on their global business and internal analysis which will not only help to identify their basic nature but will also provide an overall idea of their situation in the world market.

The rapid change in lifestyle has suddenly made the beverage industry one of the most profitable in the global market. The two undisputable rulers are PepsiCo and Coca-Cola, especially in the ‘cola soft drinks’ section.


PepsiCo is a celebrated brand in the international beverage industry. Formed in the 1890s by Celeb Bradham, its main objective was to develop digestive syrup that would be delicious as well. Though it has&nbsp.diversified itself to include convenient snacks and foods along with soft drinks of various kinds and flavor, it’s brand image chiefly rests on its cola soft drink called ‘Pepsi’.

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