My granddaughter is living with her boyfriend prior to

Question : My granddaughter is living with her boyfriend prior to marriage. For some reason they believe the tax penalty is to be single and that when they get married they would clear more money.<br/>I have worked in management that included some accounting and finance plus I am 65 and been married and I have been single. They believe they would save $7000 a year if he was married. He is going to make 98,000 to start., she told me that his take home pay will be about 77,500now and when they marry his take home pay will be about $84,500. I told them that was incorrect that they had nothing to deduct except the standard deduction and they needed to either have a lot more held out or start saving. They say they looked it up and I was wrong. I have attached screen shots of what they think and believe. I explained to her that what they hold out is not what your actual tax is. I sent several messages with backup to show them that they are going to pay a lot more than what is held out and that when they get married they are not going to get this huge bonus of less taxes by being married. I believe I am correct. What I am asking is if my understanding is not correct- let me know. If it is correct I would like information that can completely explain the process so 21 year olds can understand. Thank you. Linda
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Answer : You’re very welcome, and thank you.

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