Legal and Regulatory Aspects of American Healthcare

Legal and Regulatory Aspects of American Healthcare
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This research paper is for a Legal and Regulatory Issues in Healthcare Course. I would like the research paper be written on various kinds of legal and regulatory issues that the federal and state legislation face associated with age discrimination unfair employer matters minority situations and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). I reiterate special attention must be focused on the legal and regulatory issues on all the above. The sources/references could be obtained by Articles Websites textbooks or any other useful source but it is absolutely imperative that the references are from the U.S. not the UK or any other country. Some other sources that the professor for this course recommended to read and/or refer to are; the US Dept of Health and Human Resource Reports; Medical Malpratice Law; How Medicine is Changing the Law by Werthmann; Public Health and the Law by Hogue; and Protecting the Nations Health by Burger. You could also refer to Beckers Hospital Review website that may have specific reports dealing with legal and regulatory issues. The URL is; https://beckershospitalreview.com/legal-regulatory-issues. Hopefully some of these sources provided by the professor will provide you with information for this research paper. If not you could use other sources for the research paper as you deem necessary to fulfill this request.

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