Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Care

Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Care


1. The nurse is providing care for a client who is 18 years old. Which of the following ethical principles should be implemented for this client? 2. A client, being treated with chemotherapy and radiation for terminal cancer, decides to stop any further treatment and enter the hospice program. The nurse realizes this client’s decision is supported by the ethical principle of: 3. The care a nurse provides to clients is considered as being a benefit to their health and recovery. The principle that supports the nurse’s behavior is considered: 4. A client recovering from surgery does not want to move out of bed because of pain. The nurse explains the long-term effects of staying in bed and the benefits of movement. The client agrees and is assisted out of bed. This is an example of: 5. The nurse who bases client care actions on the principle of “greatest good” is implementing which ethical theory? 6. The nurse is preparing a consent form for a client to sign before a procedure. Which of the following statements explains a characteristic of informed consent? 7. When the nurse obtains a client’s signature for informed consent, the nurse’s responsibility is the verification that: 8. The health care team is addressing an ethical issue regarding one client’s continuing care. The nurse wants to ensure that the principle of justice is taken into consideration. Which of the following ethical decision-making modules would support this principle? 9. The nurse, caring for an elderly client recovering from a fractured coccyx, wants to discuss palliative care. The client becomes alarmed and asks “is there something you aren’t telling me? Am I dying?” Which of the following should the nurse respond?

  1. The nurse provides a terminally ill client with dose of a newly prescribed pain medication. Shortly afterwards, the client experiences respiratory arrest and dies. Which of the following describes this client scenario?
  2. An elderly client with septic leg wounds develops multi-system organ failure. The physicians discuss treatment options with the family but explain that success to reverse the condition is minimal. The family has decided to stop all further treatment of the client. This scenario is an example of:
  3. A client is asked to participate in a research study. The client does not want to participate but does not want to seem unwilling to receive treatment for an illness. Which of the following should the nurse explain to this client?
  4. The nurse caring for elderly clients begins to experience anger, guilt, and frustration over the prescribed medical treatments for the clients. The nurse is demonstrating which of the following?


1. The nurse is analyzing the main principles of clinical ethics prior to planning care for a client. Which of the following are considered the main principles of clinical ethics? (Select all that apply.) 2. A client, hospitalized with an extensive cerebral vascular accident, is unable to make any treatment decisions. Which of the following documents addresses the client’s treatment choices? (Select all that apply.) 3. The nurse is confronted with an ethical decision regarding a client’s continuing care. Which of the following approaches can be used to reach a decision for this client? (Select all that apply.) 4. An elderly terminally ill client is experiencing apnea periods and within an hour, dies. No efforts were provided to resuscitate this client. Which of the following would describe this client event? 5. The nurse reviews the American Nurses Association’s Code of Ethics for Nurses. Which of the following is included in this code?

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