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The purpose of the
assignment is for you to ‘shadow’ and observe/witness (and perhaps participate
with) a recreation or tourism leader of choice ‘in action’ (Learning Outcome 4).
Following the shadowing experience you will write a report on your

Shadowing is a
short-term experience designed to introduce a student to a particular
leadership setting or role within an organization. The student protégé follows
or ‘shadows’ the leader for a specified period of time to observe ‘first-hand’
the tasks and demands, and real world initiatives associated with the
leadership role within the organization. Shadowing requires that a student has
a willingness to learn, will give up a morning/afternoon/evening to invest in
their continuing professional development, and the commitment to personally set
up the shadowing exercise.

The shadowing
experience should be with an individual leader within a formal organization
(e.g., recreational, sports, tourism and general business organizations,
community planning, etc.).


  1. Set Up for Shadowing. You must contact a lead person of the
    organization to arrange for a shadowing experience by well before the
    due date of the assignment. You must have made arrangements with your
    ‘shadowee’ and provide the name of the agency and the name, title, and contact
    information of the shadowee to the instructor by October 1st at the

In contacting the organization or facility to arrange
the visit, you must specify:

(a) Your name and institutional/program affiliation
(i.e., VIU Dept. of Rec and Tourism Mgmt.)

(b) The purpose of the shadowing experience, and

(c) The name/contact information for your course
instructor (i.e., Garrett Stone, Garrett.Stone.@viu.ca)

Be well ‘rehearsed’ before contacting your intended
leader (i.e., be professional).

  • Shadowing. Shadowing should occur on a ‘typical day’
    with a key individual leader who plays a central leadership role within the
    organization chosen. The shadowing experience should happen when the leader is
    ‘in action’ and should involve a time commitment of at least 2-3 hours
    depending on the leadership context chosen. A brief interview should be
    conducted with the leader as part of the shadow experience so that a ‘profile’
    can be developed for inclusion in the final report.
  • Final Report. Participation in the shadowing experience
    requires that you (a) complete the shadow experience form (see below) as part
    of the assignment, and (b) request the shadowee to also complete the form. Attach
    the signed form to your final report.

The culmination of the shadowing experience is a ‘Leadership Shadowing Report’, 6 pages maximum, double-spaced (excluding
references/ appendices), using APA style ‘cover page’, sub-section headings,
and citations/references, that covers the following:

  • In your ‘Introduction’ (10 pts., ½ –
    1 page) provides a ‘purpose statement’ for the report, and provides a brief
    overview of the organization/agency and its broader program goals;

(b) In the ‘Main Body’ (3-4 pages) of your
report, using APA sub-headings, you will create:

A ‘Leader
(25 pts.) that
(1) describes the role(s) and background of the individual leader whom you
shadowed, and (2) gives the leaders responses to the questions:

  • ‘What is the meaning of leadership?’,
  • ‘What are the most important leader
  • ‘What advice do you have for students who
    aspire to lead in tourism and leisure services?’, and
  • ‘Favorite recreation and tourism

The ‘Theory and Practice’ section of your report is very important (60 pts) and will
be addressed more fully in class. This section should describe and relate your
experiences to the key concepts, theories, and issues that we cover in the
course. This section will highlight your learning in the course and relate it
your real world shadowing experiences: make this section substantial (i.e.,
cover at least 3-5 concepts very well).

The ‘Experiences’ section (20 pts) will critically assess your
experiences of shadowing, including:

– What were the high points of your experiences? What
really got you buzzed?

– What were your low points or your most challenging

– How did your shadowing experience affect your
thoughts on leadership?

(c) In your ‘Summary/Conclusion’ (10 pts, ½ – 1
page) provides a brief review of your report and emphasize your key learning outcomes.

(d) In your ‘Reference’ page (5 pts., 1 page) you
will give full references for all citations in the text of your paper. Refer to
APA please.

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