Influential Factors of Schizophrenia

Explore and explain the various influential factors of Schizophrenia (ie., biological and environmental research), as well as describe an effective treatment

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Using at least two peer-reviewed studies (no websites), discuss what environmental factors have been identified in the development or maintenance of Schizophrenia. Summarize the studies, clearly stating the non-genetic factors and how they influence Schizophrenia (ie., severity of the symptoms, onset of the symptoms, etc.).
Using at least one peer-reviewed study (no websites), discuss one effective method to treat Schizophrenia (ie., medication, therapy, etc.). Be sure to summarize the study, explaining the treatment and how it is helpful (ie., reducing which symptoms, improving functioning, etc.).
Reflection/Faith Integration (1-2 paragraphs):
Given what you learned through the research on influential factors, has your understanding of Schizophrenia changed? Why or why not?

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