Implement Hashing and Encryption for Secure Communications

Implement Hashing and Encryption for Secure Communications

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The use of authentication systems like biometric password systems will help in maintaining the integrity of the messages. Through passwords, every user of the systems must feed their biometric data before access. This will help in regulating individuals accessing the messages. In addition, the confidentiality can further be improved through the use of firewalls that control messages entering the systems. Coding systems too can be integrated to boost further the confidentiality of the message content (Garzia 431). MD5sum and SHA1 are similar in their functions in that both the programs are used for maintaining the integrity of files. Both the programs ensure that the content existing files are maintained. However, the two differs in terms of their calculations and verifications. MD5sum calculates and verifies MD5 hashes while SHA1 also solely verifiesSHA1 hashes. Both the programs are suitable in various systems however; MD5 is more preferable due to its compatibility with a number of systems (Viega, Matt and Pravir 89).

Areas of storage in Public Domain

Public-key cryptography is necessary if you want to decrypt encrypted messages and files from a trusted sender. Availability of the public and private keys will allow for the maintenance o the confidentiality of the messages. Encrypting file system mechanisms is majorly used in building Microsoft Windows XP Professional. The file system provides full disk encryption and uses the Trusted Platform Module in most its operations. In attempt to further boost the security levels of the systems, end-users encrypt their personal hard drives on Microsoft Windows platform and workstations. In cases of disks that are encrypted, before viewing with standard forensic tools, there is need to ensure effective coding of the files in order to maintain the contents ant the nature (Sery 243).


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