HR9405 Managing People at Work

HR9405 Managing People at Work

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Instructions on Assessment:

The summative module assessment comprises an Assignment Essay of 2500 words (+/- 10% ) consisting of 2 sections:

  1. Identifying, explaining and illustrating managerial or organisational responses to a contemporary business management issue and challenges, how these impact on organisations and managerial practice, and
  2. A personal reflective statement, focusing on your own learning journey of personal development during completing relevant seminar tasks, in business and management terms.

More specifically, your assessment will include the following sections:


  • Identify a contemporary management issue of business significance; describe, and explore how this poses challenges for managing individuals and organizations in question. This should draw upon ideas and weekly lecture topics from across the module.
  • Research and illustrating with evidences; you need to show both how organizations/managers are actually responding to the challenges, and theoretical frameworks and concepts from the academic sources, as resulted from literature study and your wider reading.
  • Contextualising your discussion with the real life examples; suggesting on how organizations and managers should deal with the issue, and relate your recommendations to existing theories or ideas. (1900 words)


Outline what were the main challenges for you when managing/responding to Task 1 and Task 2 from the seminars; how did you develop yourself within a team environment, and how did you explicitly address any challenge in line with your own management values and beliefs, with the theoretical insights generated throughout the semester. (600 words)


To include Task 1 and Task 2 documentations

Note on Sources

With particular reference to the knowledge/theory aspects of the assessment you should utilise good quality sources such as: academic journals, textbooks, books, media outlets, professional publications and government publications are acceptable sources for your work.  Generic websites such as wisegeeks, businessballs, tutor2U, Wikipedia and public blog sites are not acceptable sources.   Actual quotations should include page number references or full website citation following APA referencing style (see below). HR9405 Managing People at Work



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