For your Marketing Plan Project

For your Marketing Plan Project, you need to create a fictitious company with a product (or line of products) or service that you want to analyze and promote. You can make up your product/service or use an existing one. If you use an existing one, you may want to add something that makes it unique. Just look around your house or office and you will find many of them. You can use websites such as amazon or ebay for ideas.

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Please approach the project with a “real world – manager’s” mentality. How would you do it if you were faced with this task in the real world? How would you present it? What would you include? There are many examples that you can use as guidance on the Internet. There is no reason to ask how you should do the project. There is not a right or wrong format to do the project. Please make sure that your project: Contains a minimum of 2,500 words. Is easy to read and understand: The use of graphics is highly recommended. Is appealing to your audience. Make it interesting. Follows a format. You can use APA (6th) edition or MLA. Choose one format and follow it. Please do not mix formats. Cite all your sources Make sure you touch on all the elements mentioned in the Marketing Plan Outline. Analyze and summarize your work.

Ethical Considerations in Interpreting and Reporting Research

Ethics are a very important aspect of counseling research. Our professional ethical codes should guide our research process at every step. With regard to research, ethics refers to the correct rules of conduct. Ethical research also involves understanding of context, personal position of the researcher, and how interpretation and reporting research impacts people and the field as a whole. In this discussion, you will explore the multiple perspectives associated with coding and analyzing data. How do personal experiences, beliefs, values, and world view impact the research process? What are some ethical considerations, specific to counseling, that we must be aware of during the research process? Support your discussion with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. Consider using resources such as the ACA Code of Ethics, the information you learned from the CITI training course, your textbook, and research articles. In order to be eligible for maximum points, respond by Day 6 to two or more peers (on separate days), which may include your instructor, who provided different examples/articles than the one you selected. You must include at least 2 references in your initial response. Include all references in APA format and respond to your peers by doing one or more of the following: Asking a probing question Sharing an insight from having read your colleague’s posting Offering and supporting an opinion Validating an idea with your own experience Making a suggestion Expanding on your colleague’s posting Return to this discussion in a few days to read and remark to the responses to your initial posting. Note what you have learned and/or any insights you have gained as a result of the comments your colleagues made.

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