Can you think of any other benefit of bilateral symmetry (hint: locomotion)?

Part 1)

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Evolutionary forces have favored bilateral over radial symmetry. Watch the following video and discuss why some radial-shape species have succeeded, particularly in aquatic environments. Can you think of any other benefit of bilateral symmetry (hint: locomotion)?

Part 2)

1) Watch the following videos and write a short (five sentence max) paragraph elaborating on the following statement: “The set morphological characteristics of any given animal reflects its habitat environmental pressures.” Make sure you explain whether you agree or disagree and provide examples (at least three) to illustrate your point. 

2) From insects to birds, all flying organisms share some morphological similarities. In a short paragraph (three sentences), explain their main similarity and why? 

3) Despite the several advantages of flying, some birds have evolved flightless. According to the video, “When Birds Stopped Flying” (Duration 07:31), what other adaptations have evolved in this group that explains their flightless condition? Can you think of others? 

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