Etiology: cause of the disease

1. Title Page – should include course number and name, your name, title of paper
2. Table of Contents (1page)
3. Introduction: 1 to 2 pages, include an opening statement of why you chose this topic.
4. Etiology: cause of the disease
5. Pathophysiology: Describe the pathophysiology, either resulting from a disease or abnormal
syndrome or condition that may not qualify to be called a disease.

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6. Treatments – highlighting specific respiratory treatments
7. Prognosis � the likely progress or outcome of the disease.
8. References – At least 15 references from peer-reviewed scientific journals in the respiratory system area or general medicine category. The journals listed in the following URL link provides a list of the peer-reviewed scientific journals in the respiratory system area:

https://www.eigenfactor.org/projects/journalRank/rankings.php?search=WE&year=2013&searchby=isic at&orderby=ArticleInfluence

The journals listed in the following URL link provides a list of the peer-reviewed scientific journals in the General Medicine Category:

https://www.eigenfactor.org/projects/journalRank/rankings.php?search=PY&year=2013&searchby=isic at&orderby=ArticleInfluence
You should have 14 ARTICLES and I WANT YOU ADD 2 BOOKS PLEASE:
1. Egan’s fundamentals of respiratory care (10th ed.). (Mechanical ventilators).
2. Any other book relate to CO .
( USE American Medical Association(AMA) STYLE PLEASE).

Criteria of excellent paper:
1. Introduction. Opening statement is clearly stated and the purpose of the paper is clearly defined.
2. Paragraphs are well organized and flow in a well-organized manner. The Table of Contents is followed.
3. Correct sources are cited when specific statements are made
4. Spelling / Grammar
5. References/bibliography. Style format similar to the journal Respiratory Care or another scientific journal (USE American Medical Association(AMA) STYLE PLEASE).
6. The topic is of clinical importance to the field of respiratory care or other health care fields.

Objectives of the paper should be:
2-risk factors, specially for fire exposer and smokers .
3- invasive and noninvasive test
Also you can add smoking cessation if you think it is ok .

The professor would review the paper and send it back with notes for revision and editing during 3 periods:
1. October 10th – First draft,
2. November 14th – Second Draft,
3. December 5th – Final project/paper due.
So, I probably send it BACK twice to you for revision.

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