Enterprise Strategy Project assignment

Enterprise Strategy Project assignment

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Using the peer-reviewed articles that you have gathered throughout this course, create an outline of your IT Enterprise Strategy project. Review the course project description for the expectations and grading criteria of the paper you will be writing based on this outline. It is recommended that you view the Developing an Annotated Outline resource, linked in the Resources. You might also view the Creating a Reference List Using RefWorks video, also linked in the Resources, if you have questions about APA reference lists. Note: For this outline, the term annotated will refer to the notes, or annotations, you write about how your sources relate to your topic. The term will mean something slightly different for the annotated bibliography you will write in Unit 7. In your outline: Outline and organize the main points of your project. Enterprise Strategy Project assignment. Explain each main point of your project, providing enough supporting details so that the topics, logic, and organization are discernible and understandable. Create a reference list in APA format of 10 or more scholarly sources that support the main points of your project. Your outline should be approximately 2–3 double-spaced pages, including your reference list. Use the resources provided to help you complete this assignment. Remember that you can use RefWorks, or a similar application, to properly format your sources. Prior to writing this assignment, please be sure to view the Project Outline Scoring Guide to learn how to maximize your score. Your assignment is due by the end of this week.

Enterprise Strategy Project assignment

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