Ideology and Public Policy Political Science 1 Online
For this project you will write an essay on some of the things government does, and the ways that political ideas affect policies. You will be using the first three chapters of the Dye and Gaddie textbook as your source material. I expect you to make direct reference to the book in your paper. Please use embedded references that look like this (Dye, pg.13) to cite specifically where you get quotes or ideas that you paraphrase. Do not use outside sources or make reference to materials that I have not assigned for this class.
Connect these four ideas as the basis of your paper:

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  • Discuss at least two of the purposes of government listed in the preamble to the Constitution (pgs. 8-9)
  • What are the basic ideologies in American politics and how do you think they affect what people want the government to do? (pgs. 48-57)
  • What effect does ideology have on what people want in terms of public policy? Discuss at least two of the public policies listed as Outcomes on page 5.
  • Can you think of some ways that the structure of the federal government itself, and the system of checks and balances limits the powers of government? (pgs. 77-82)

First, read chapters 1-3 in the book and then focus in on the points I’ve listed above. I am expecting you to write a clear, well edited paper that explains the concepts I’ve asked you about. I want you to explore the ideas that I’ve asked you about, giving detailed answers that make direct reference to the book. In other words, don’t just answer the questions – try to analyze the material and connect the dots to go into greater depth.
This assignment will be:

  • Three to five double-spaced, typewritten pages in length
  • Worth 100 points

Make sure that the following appear on your assignment:

  • Your name
  • The date the paper is submitted
  • References for all direct quotes and ideas that you paraphrase. You will lose points if you don’t make direct reference to the book in many places. If you are unsure as to how to do this, be sure to ask me!

Also, please: (1) spell check your work, (2) avoid the use of inappropriate homonyms (i.e., their and there), and (3) watch out for apostrophe catastrophes (always use an apostrophe with a possessive)!
The idea behind this assignment is for you to explore the ideas presented in the first few chapters of the book and explain some of the basics of our political ideas and system of government. Once you dive into the reading, I think you’ll see that this project is not as daunting as you might think. Refer to the ideas you draw from the book (either through quotes or by making reference to the readings) rather than relying only on your own opinion.


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