Describe evidence-based practice (EBP) and its relationshipto nursing research

Describe evidence-based practice (EBP) and its relationshipto nursing research

1. Describe evidence-based practice (EBP) and its relationshipto nursing research, nursing practice, and healthcare.
(Domain – Educative Practice, Evidence-informed Practice,‘
Process – Scholarship, Patient Safety)

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2. Articulate and discuss the importance of research in
advanced nursing practice. (Domain – Evidence-informed
Practice; Process – Scholarship, Patient Safety)

3. Discuss the evolution of research and measurement in the
advanced practice clinical setting. (Domain – Educative
Practice, Evidence-informed Practice; Process – Scholarship)

4. Differentiate between common assumptions and types of
quantitative and qualitative research (Domain – Evidence-
infonned Practice; Process – Scholarship, Patient Safety)

5. Differentiate between the steps of the quantitative and
qualitative research process implemented in different types of
published quantitative and qualitative studies. (Domain
Evidence-informed Practice; Process – Scholarship)

6. Describe the philosophical perspective of qualitative research.
(Domain – Evidence-informed Practice; Process – Scholarship)

7. Describe how epistemology directs research questions and
the collection and interpretation of data in quantitative and
qualitative research. {Domain – Evidence-informed Practice;
Process – Schoiarship, Patient Safety)

8. Explore the research processes for conducting
phenomenology, grounded theory, ethnography, historical
research, and exploratory descriptive qualitative research.
(Domain – Evidence-infonned Practice; Process – Scholarship)

Requiredmssigned Reading
Grove, S.K., Burns, N. & Gray, J. (2013). The Practice of
Nursing Research: Appraisal, synthesis and generation of
evidence. 7″‘ edition. St Louis, Missouri. (Read Chapters
2, 3 & 4)
Clarke, A. (2013). From the ground up. Canadian Nurse, 109
(5). 20-24.
DiCenso, A. (2003). Evidence-based nursing practice: How to
get there from here. Nursing Leadership, 16(4), 20-26.
urcourses.uregina.caicourse/view.php?id=6852& section=2

Course: MNUR 80] Research in Advanced Nursing Practice (Fall 2014), Topic: Unit 2 (… Page 5 of 10
DiCenso, A., Martin-Misener, R., Bryant-Lukosius, D.,
Bourgeault, l., Kilpatrick, K., Donald, F.. &…Charbonneau-
Smith, R. (2010). Advanced practice nursing in Canada:
Overview of a decision support synthesis. Nursing
Leadership, 23(Special issue), 15-24.
Gerrish, K., Nolan, M., McDonnell, A., Tod, A., Kirshbaum, M.,
Guillaume, L. (2012). Factors influencing advanced
practice nurses‘ ability to promote evidence-based practice
among frontline nurses. Worldviews in Evidence Based
Nursing, 9(1), 30-39. doi:10.1111i’j.1741-
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