Cryptography for Secure Communication

Cryptography for Secure Communication

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portion (title of each lab) of the Ethical Hacking course. Pick one topic and complete a 10 page research paper. Students are required to research the topic using at least three additional references other than the required textbook utilized in the course.


Title page: Topic pick, Title, name, course name, and date. Note: Title page does not count in the total page requirement of 10.

Research Paper:

  1. Ten (10) pages; however, no more than fifteen (15) pages 70 points
  2. 12 point font 5 points
  3. Times New Roman 5 points
  4. Double spaced 5 points
  5. Your name should appear in the header along with the page number 5 points
  6. You must cite all references using MLA style 5 points
  7. You must utilize no less than three references dated no older than the year 2010
  8. Students are not allowed to use Wikipedia
  9. This is not a lab manual, which means the research paper should not contain step by step instructions.
  10. This is not a dictionary, which means the research paper should not contain a lot of definitions.
  11. You can use pictures; however, your research paper should not contain more pictures then words

Cryptography for Secure Communication

Work Cited Page: Must include all references using MLA style. Note: This does not count in the total page requirement of 10. 5 points

Cryptography for Secure Communication

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