Compare and contrast Muhammad’s 5 Pillars with 2 of the following.

The Islamic legal codes (Sharia) differ from contemporary Western (in this case the U.S.) legal codes in important ways regarding the appropriate punishment for a crime, sexual equality, trial by jury, and the like. Read through https://laws.com/sharia-law  and then answer the following:

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  • Provide at least two (2) examples of these laws and discuss their specific differences.
  • Given America’s separation of church and state and the strong actions of Sharia law, what should America do regarding Sharia law as more Muslims become citizens of the U.S.? Provide one (1) suggestion that you think addresses the problem.

Compare and contrast Muhammad’s 5 Pillars with 2 of the following: The 10 Commandments; Confucius’ Virtues; The Buddha’s 8-Fold Path; Jesus’ Beatitudes. Are we seeing some similarities in these religions? Explain your answer.


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