clinicians need to learn about anatomical planes

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Remember that these are graded assignments. Your grade will be based on originality, accuracy and depth.

Please follow these guidelines:

Everything you post in this course should be written in your own words. Absolutely no cutting and pasting from other sources. You may paraphrase and cite a source but your grade depends on your work, not someone else’s.

Stay away from questions with one-word or brief answers. You should post thoughtful in-depth questions about the material.

Stay away from questions directly out of the text. Again, thoughtful original questions are best.

Bad Question: What is the anatomical name for the head?   Ans: Cephalon    (this question will earn about .5 point).

Good Question: Why do clinicians need to learn about anatomical planes?  Ans: There are 3 basic anatomical planes in the body. The sagittal plane divides the body into right/left sections, the coronal plane divides the body into anterior/posterior sections and the transverse plane divides the body into superior/inferior sections. Planes are used primarily in medical imaging. For example, MRI images consist of slices of the body that are analogous to the planes. Clinicians can then identify sectional anatomy. Another example is in describing surgical incisions such as when a surgeon performs a coronal incision for a particular procedure.

The above question/answer would earn the full points.

You are required to post an in-depth RESPONSE to a question as the second part of the assignment.


When pairing bases, why is it that DNA uses Adenine, Thymine, Guanine and Cytosine, and RNA uses Uracil in place of Thymine?

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