Application of Health Care Quality Concepts

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Discussion Instruction
For this Discussion, you will select a health care quality concept; apply that concept to a real health care issue; identify the issue as structure, process, or outcome; and apply it to the Six Quality Dimensions you read about in Crossing the Quality Chasm.
To prepare:
вЂу Review the Learning Resources on health care quality concepts.
вЂу Select a health care quality concept from the Learning Resources.

Post a cohesive response to the following:

Describe the health care quality concept you selected.
Apply it to a health care issue in your health care facility or one you are familiar with.
Identify the issue as a structure, process, or outcome and explain why you made this differentiation.
Then apply it to the Six Quality Dimensions found in Crossing the Quality Chasm.

Nash, D. B., Joshi, M. S., & Ransom, E. R., & Ransom, S. B., (Eds.). (2019). The healthcare quality book: Vision, strategy, and tools (4th ed.). Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

Chapter 1, “Overview of Healthcare QualityвЂк (pp. 5-44)


1. http://www.nationalacademies.org/hmd/Global/News%20Announcements/Crossing-the-Quality-Chasm-The-IOM-Health-Care-Quality-Initiative.aspx

2. http://www.ihi.org/resources/pages/audioandvideo/mikeevansvideoqihealthcare.aspx

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